Messaging Network

Consumers should be able to message with your business across the the variety of sites and ads that make up the shopping path. But you don’t need to juggle multiple systems to do this. You just need Contact At Once!

Dealership Sites

Dedicate chat and text messaging channels to all sorts of customer needs, from those with service questions to sales or finance questions.

Mobile Apps

Set up in-app messaging so customers can communicate with you without having to leave the app.

Digital Retailing

Integrate messaging into digital retailing to increase consumer use, completion rate and overall satisfaction.

Brand/Corporate Sites

Some OEMs offer Contact At Once! messaging to shoppers higher in the funnel, including chat and text options on their own sites or CPO listings.

Classified / Shopping Sites

Many vehicle search/shopping sites offer the convenience of Contact At Once! messaging, which can lead to increased inquiries (AutoTrader, Car And Driver, KBB, RV Trader and more).

Google My Business

Use your Mobile Text Connect number to set up Google My Business messaging and connect with shoppers who reach out from that listing.

Google AdWords

Enable click-to-message extensions for PPC advertising campaigns with your Mobile Text Connect number to encourage even more text conversations.

Facebook Messenger & Marketplace

Integrate Contact At Once! with Messenger, and conversations from your page or Marketplace can be managed just like chats and texts from your website.

Traditional Advertising

Use Mobile Text Connect numbers on your “offline” advertising (print, radio, TV, signage) to connect them to your messaging network.

Apple Business Chat

Contact At Once! can help your brand plan a strategy to be there when consumers can tap to message with businesses they discover in Spotlight, Maps, Siri or Safari.

LotLinx CX-AMP Pages

Add our messaging to these mobile-optimized VDP pages to help convert even more of those visitors.

What Is a Messaging Network?

Just One Part of Conversational Commerce

A messaging network is what happens when you unite all the consumer touch points for your business or brand. The first step is turning them interactive with consumer-to-business messaging software. The second step is being able to manage all the resulting conversations in one Contact At Once!

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