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We may be a mobile messaging software company, but we’re first and foremost a people-focused company! That’s why our text and live chat support staff gets rave reviews daily. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry - we’re here to help.


I got an email saying I’m a Contact At Once! admin. What does that mean?
When a company signs up for Contact At Once! messaging (either for their own website or for a third-party search/shopping site), they designate a point of contact for the day-to-day management. This is the Contact At Once! administrator (or "admin") for your account—and it sounds like that is you!

Admins receive a welcome email that walks them through activating the Contact At Once! account, which includes creating a login and setting up who answers the chats or texts.

I got an email saying I’m a Contact At Once! agent for my company. What does that mean?
An "agent" is anyone who is set up to chat and text with shoppers through your company’s Contact At Once! solution (either for your own website or for a third-party site). Agents are designated by the Contact At Once! admin for your company.

They will receive a welcome email that includes their user ID, password and links on how to access the Connect web-based answering app and mobile app so they can start chatting and texting.

I got an email with the subject, "You missed a customer’s text message." What does that mean?
This is an automated reminder that is sent when it looks like no one from your company has responded to a consumer's latest text message. The consumer may have texted using your company’s Contact At Once!-powered text number, or one supplied through your advertising partner (also a Contact At Once!-powered number).

Follow the instructions in the email to follow up with the consumer.

Have more questions about this? Want to prevent these reminders from coming? Just Chat With Support, and they’ll be able to help!

How do I access CAO! Connect, the web-based answering app?
Usually, new admins and agents receive a welcome email from provision@contactatonce.com that includes a link to Connect. Can’t find it? Don’t worry!

  • You can access it via the Login button on the top right of our website.
  • Or you can bookmark this page: https://connect.contactatonce.com/login
  • If you have any issues logging in, chat or text with us!

Where can I download the Contact At Once! mobile app?
Here are several ways to access the Contact At Once! mobile app, so you can chat and/or text with consumers wherever you are:

How can I download the Contact At Once! desktop app?
We highly recommend using our web-based answering app (CAO! Connect) for the best user experience and most powerful capabilities. However, if you’re set on using the desktop app and just need to reinstall it, follow these instructions:

  • Visit this page: https://www.contactatonce.com/support/install
  • Have your Contact At Once! user ID and password handy. (Chat with Support if you don’t remember those credentials, or read the “Forgot Login Credentials” FAQ section.)

I don’t think I have the most updated desktop app.
We highly recommend switching to CAO! Connect, our web-based answering app, as the desktop app is no longer being updated. However, if you’re set on using the desktop app, make sure you have the last version created. Here’s a simple way to make sure you are:

  • Open your desktop app.
  • Click Options, then choose the "Check for updates" tab.

When I click the link to activate my account, it says "no longer valid."
If you see that error message, please Chat With Support and have the admin deleted and re-added. The admin will be sent a new activation email and link.

I can’t find the activation email (with the link to activate my Contact At Once! account).
If you’re the designated Contact At Once! admin, try searching for an email from provision@contactatonce.com. If you can’t find it, Chat With Support and we can resend it to you!

One of the great things about using our new web-based answering app (CAO! Connect) is that you don’t need to install it! You just open a browser, visit https://connect.contactatonce.com/login and log in. However, if you are still using the old desktop app, you may run into installation issues. Our best advice? Switch to Connect! Otherwise, see if the following tips help:

When I try to install the desktop app, it says "unable to find .msi."
This error message sometimes appears when a new Contact At Once! agent is trying to download the desktop app by clicking the Install link in the welcome/installation email. If this happens, the agent can:

  • Visit www.contactatonce.com/install
  • Click the "Download Now" button to install the generic version of our software.
  • When prompted (in the setup wizard), the agent will need to input their user ID (also referred to as IMID) and password from the installation email.

Desktop app is unable to connect or go online.
After installation, you may notice that the desktop app is having issues "connecting." (This will look like a spinning gear or snowflake.) If you are unable to connect or get online with the Contact At Once! desktop app, try this:

  • Open your desktop app (or right-click on the icon).
  • Select "Modify Account."
  • Confirm your User ID and password, then right-click on the icon again and select Online > Online.
  • Still not connecting? Right-click on the icon again and go to Options > Settings.
  • Click the "Connectivity Diagnostics" button. This will test ports 5222, 5223, 80, and 443. (Note: These "ports" are what Contact At Once! uses to send/receive data over the internet...like chats with customers.)
  • If those ports fail (especially 5222 and 5223), you may need to contact your IT department and have them open up the failed ports.

Want to troubleshoot the connection issue a little more before asking IT? Try the following after testing the ports:

  • If port 5222 is open, the Status column will read "OK." If that’s the case, there really should be no connection issues. Asking IT is the best option at this point.
  • If port 5223 is open but you’re still unable to connect, go to Options > My Profile > Connection and make sure that "Use SSL encryption" is checked. (Port 5223 requires that encrypted connection, and this may fix the issue.) Then try to go online again.
  • If ports 5222 and 5223 are closed (i.e., the Status column reads "Failed"), go to Options > My Profile > Connection. In the "Proxy" top box, click the drop-down arrow, and select "ContactAtOnce! HTTP Polling." Click the "Save" button, then try to go online again to see if the change was successful.

How do I add/remove people to/from my company’s Contact At Once! account?
If you need to add or remove agents (those able to respond to consumer texts or chats), it’s simple! The administrator for your account can do it right from the Contact At Once! portal.

  • Once logged into the portal, visit Provisioning (top navigation bar)
  • Choose Provision Agent (left-hand menu). From here you can add, edit or delete as needed!

How do I add or change the photos associated with my Contact At Once! account?
The Contact At Once! administrator for your company can do this for all existing agents in just a few steps:

  • Ensure you’re logged into the Contact At Once! portal with admin credentials.
  • Click the "Provisioning" tab; then "Provision Agent."
  • Find the agent's name and select “Edit” in the action column.
  • Browse for the photo and upload. (Photos should be 110×110 pixels and in a .jpeg or .png format.)
  • Don’t forget to click save after uploading the photo.

If you're an agent and want to update your own photo, it’s just as easy:

  • Log in to the Contact At Once!portal; hover over the "Settings" tab; select "Agent Settings."
  • You can also access the this page through your desktop app: Right-click the boomerang; choose "Options" then "Portal" and "Agent Settings."
  • On the Agent Settings page, you'll see an option to upload a photo.
  • Browse for the photo and upload. (Photos should be 110×110 pixels and in a .jpeg or .png format.)
  • Don’t forget to click save after uploading the photo.

Note: If you’re cross-assigned to multiple accounts (answering chats for multiple companies or locations, for example), you’ll need to ask your admin to add the photo.

Do you use Contact At Once! in multiple locations? From third-party search/shopping sites (Autotrader, KBB and the like) to social media, corporate and individual company sites, we can help you chat and text with shoppers in all those places.

We already use Contact At Once! on our company site, and we now have a new ad package with a third-party site that includes Contact At Once!-powered messaging. Do I need a new login or account?
No! If you already use Contact At Once!, you won't need to activate a new account. We will merge your existing Contact At Once! account with the new capabilities from the third-party site. Any chat and/or text messages originating from your third-party ad listings will go through your existing Contact At Once! Apps. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always Chat With Support.

We use Contact At Once! in multiple locations. How can we tell where a chat or text is coming from?
There are a couple of ways to see where the incoming message originated:

  • If the message comes from a third-party site, the logo of the site will appear in your answering app. If answering in Connect (web-based app), the logo and name of the originating site will appear to the left of the conversation in your workspace. If answering in the mobile app, the logo will be in the header of the conversation. If still using the desktop app, the logo will be in the top left hand portion of the chat window. (Note: If the chat message originates from your company site, your agents may see the Contact At Once! logo instead.)
  • Admins can see this logo in the portal reports (it shows in the “Publisher” column of a report).
  • Your agents can also see the exact origination URL by clicking the “Origination URL” option in the chat window.

I’m an agent, and I forgot my login (ID and/or password).
Your company’s Contact At Once! admin can recover that information for you. They just need to open the Contact At Once! portal and go to Provisioning > Provision Agent. From there, they can search for your name and reshare your login credentials.

I’m the Contact At Once! admin, and I forgot my login.
You can simply visit the Contact At Once! portal and click the link, “Forgot your password?” You can access the portal as one of the options in the Login link at the top right of this site. In addition, here are the direct portal URLs, based on your region:

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