Connect: New Web App

Contact At Once! network messaging works everywhere: your sites, 3rd-party ad listings, Apple Business Chat, Google, Facebook and more. And it’s even easier for your team to use that power now. Meet CAO! Connect, your new web app for answering consumers’ messages.

Available Anywhere

Access CAO! Connect on any computer via Internet browser.

Improved, “Text-Like” Experience

A modern, easy-to-use interface helps you answer conversations more easily and effectively in a familiar text messaging app feel — you can even use emojis!


App is available in English and French (and can be translated to others).

No Installation or Downloads

Just enter your credentials and you’re ready to go with this cloud-based messaging app.

Built-in Digital Retailing

Use enhanced tools to guide shoppers down the buying path during the conversation, from inventory details to vehicle history reports and more. (More integrations added on an ongoing basis!).

All-in-One Conversation List

See and navigate between multiple conversations at the same time (whether chats, texts or Facebook messages).

Immediate Access to New Features

Automatic, continual updates mean no extra steps to get to the latest CAO! capabilities (we’ll do it for you).

Simple Login

Use your email and select a password to log in.

Enhanced Video & Image Sharing

Display rich media previews of your shared content directly in the conversation window.

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