Integrated Auto Dealer Chat

Don’t tell online shoppers “I’ll get back to you later.” Connect in real time—wherever they find you—and with powerful enterprise and auto dealer chat software that integrate into an all-in-one messaging platform.

  • Network Access

    Use 1 platform to communicate on brand/dealer sites, Apple Business Chat, Google My Business, Facebook Marketplace / Messenger, AdWords, vehicle search sites and more.

  • Inventory Access

    Help consumers find exactly what they’re looking for with inventory integrations that allow you to share rich media directly in the chat window.

  • Easy Customization

    Control the way your auto dealer chat (and text) invitations look, behave and are located, right from the portal. No waiting!

  • OEM Relationships

    Use co-op dollars and/or receive leads from Contact At Once!’s established relationships with many OEMs, from Tier 1 brand chat to Tier 3 programs.

  • Presence Aware

    Our smart system can detect availability, enabling live chat only when agents are available for the best experience (consumers can always leave a message).

  • One-Click Shortcuts

    Increase speed and efficiency in live chat responses with customizable, pre-written statements or questions.

  • Live Stream Video

    Enhance the shopping experience by streaming a live video of the vehicle of interest directly in the chat window.

  • Partner Integrations

    Engage more shoppers in more places with more effective results, thanks to integration with automotive services (AutoHook, CarFax, CarProof, CDK, etc.).

  • Mobile Flexibility

    Shift seamlessly between desktop and personal mobile devices during a chat, allowing agents to receive, respond and continue conversations on the go (thanks to our mobile app).

  • Lead Management

    Ensure that every conversation and customer is tracked and recorded with automated lead routing to your CRM or other lead management system.

  • Visitor Details

    Better assist customers during chats with access to geo-location data, details on how often they’ve visited, pages viewed, etc.

  • Real-Time Translate

    It’s translation at your fingertips! You chat in one language, our smart system translates to the language of your customer.

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