Chatbots & AI for Automotive

Artificial intelligence. Conversation bots. Automated assistance. It all sounds very technical and intimidating. But chatbots for automotive should be viewed through the same lens as human staff and agents. They should help your messaging solution run more efficiently, while helping consumers cut to the exact information they need.

Our in-house team has developed custom chatbots for brands such as Lowe’s, Hawaiian Airlines and other very large enterprises. You could be next.

Bot Principle #1 - Treat Automotive Chatbots Like Agents

When integrated with our enterprise and dealership messaging platform, bots are simply another way to converse with your customers. Bots can manage all kinds of common requests, from "what are your hours?" to "I'd like to schedule service," and more. Consumers still get the information or appointment they want quickly for a great experience. But because those digital conversations can happen without the need to involve a human agent, your team has more time to handle involved requests and focus on low-funnel selling vs. transactional queries.

Bot Principle #2 - Build Bots to Perform Specific Tasks

Automotive bots should be built to perform specific tasks, handling situations like FAQs, real-time queries, and business processes like scheduling appointments. The more specific a bot’s task, the more easily measurable its performance becomes. In fact, training bots to be specialists in the areas decided upon can lead to greater CSAT scores.

Bot Principle #3 - Encourage the Bot & Human “Tango”

Artificial intelligence can be great for efficiency, but it can’t replace the human connection completely. That’s why our chat bots are designed to seamlessly pass live conversations to human agents when a consumer needs additional assistance...with no disruption in the conversation. Your sales team and our Live Advisors work together to create the best consumer experience. (We call it Automotive Tango.)

Developing chatbots is currently a custom process. Message sales if you want to learn more!