What Is the Automotive Tango™?

Today’s car shopping process is more of a digital dance. Consumers move from business to business, site to app to social and beyond to find the information they need. Automotive Tango is how Contact At Once! helps you connect and meet their needs during all these conversations.

The Tango approach uses a unique blend of the industry’s most advanced dealership messaging platform, our Live Advisors, your team (and chatbots as desired) to guide consumers quickly to the answers they’re looking for and take action. The result is an excellent experience, from first impression to a lifelong relationship.

The CAO! Messaging Platform

Connect throughout your network (your site, ads, Apple Business Chat, Google My Business, Facebook, etc.)

Do more without interrupting the conversation, thanks to multiple integrations in our answering app (share inventory, vehicle history, video previews, etc.)

Adapt to future messaging needs as new channels appear.


Respond faster to many requests without involving a salesperson, thanks to custom-built chat bots we can develop together. (additional development fees apply)

Seamlessly pass live conversations to humans when a consumer needs additional assistance.

Scan conversations and quickly suggest ways a human agent can keep conversations moving.

Our People

Answer messages and manage connections from all locations when your team isn’t available.

Help consumers navigate digital retailing forms and processes.

Nurture online shoppers and send hot leads directly to your best closers to clinch the deal.

Your Dealerships

Jump in as needed to guide the most serious buyers.

Easy interactive experience for your team, whether it’s chat, SMS or an in-app message.

Track everything in one administrative portal (with CRM integration), whether answered by our team or yours.

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